Happy New Year

New Year, a time of the year which is full of high expectations and unrealistic goals. To avoid disappointment we never use to do much just stay at home and block it out.  However since having our van we seem to view the New Year differently, it tends to be a time for reflection of the past year. We like to spend it together and celebrate what means the most to us. That is being together, taking time to appreciate the simple things in life and being grateful for good health.

We had decided earlier in the week that we fancied waking up in 2019 by the sea. So after finishing work early New years eve we started the two hour journey to Mudeford, which is near Bournemouth.

We had been to Mudeford once before about four years ago. We had gone to Bournemouth for a day trip in the car and took a picnic with us. Our search for somewhere quiet to park and enjoy our cream tea lead us to Mudeford where we had happily sat for hours watching the water sport enthusiasts in the glorious sunshine. 

After a slight change in route planning we took the backroads to Mudeford avoiding the motorway where we could. This allowed us to see the Christmas lights in the villages which was magical.

The harbour car park is in a u shape so you can enjoy views of the sea on one side and views of the bay on the other, with a green playing area in the middle. It cost £11 to stay in the car park for 24hours although no camping is allowed in the car park.

Upon parking up the first task was to warm the motorhome which gets rather chilly in the back when you are traveling. Dolly was most please to feel the heat. We then made ourselves some dinner and spent the evening chatting mindlessly. At midnight we got to see the fireworks on the seafront, we stayed up chatting and watching the night time fishermen.

We must of closed our eyes at some point as we were awoken by the most beautiful sunrise. it felt like we were the only ones on the edge of the earth. We were grateful to see something so stunning and to enjoy a cup of tea at the same time.

After breakfast of boiled eggs and coffee we decided to take a walk along the beach. By this time it had got extremely busy. We had gone from being the only ones in the car park to people queuing for a space. You couldn’t comfortably walk along the beach without bumping into people. But we continued our walk to Highcliffe Castle and then returned to the motorhome.

By 4pm the area began to empty and we enjoyed our cottage pie by the sea front with very little distractions. once the washing up was done and everything packed away, we made our journey home with our head full of exciting plans for 2019.


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